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“I’ve got this.”

People with disabilities live more independently with Hearo.

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Everybody needs some me-time.

Hearo is a remote support system designed for independence. By integrating security, reminders, notifications and environmental controls into a single hub, Hearo helps people living with disabilities live without full-time in-person supervision.

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Caregivers: See how Hearo helps you, too.

Direct support staff is awesome, but.

Having an aide in your home all day can feel limiting. With remote support from Hearo, people with disabilities have the freedom to experience the personal growth that comes from just being yourself, by yourself.

  • Icon with support person and clock Always connected to support staff and family
  • Continuity of care from their local care provider Icon with medical box and map pin
  • Icon with fingerprint and support person Completely customizable to specific needs and preferences
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12x more efficient care

With Hearo, amazing caregivers are able to serve more people, in more ways.

How Hearo Works
How Hearo Works

Self-sufficient, but not alone.

Hearo is an invisible ally in helping individuals live confidently on their own. Discreet sensors and devices throughout the home promote 24-hour security and accountability, without inhibiting the resident’s sense of freedom.

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